Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all permanent, semi-permanent and temporary positions effected through Sitters Co ("the agency") and any variation in these terms will be binding on the Agency only if in writing and signed by the Agency.

Sitters Co acts as an intermediary between clients and candidates.

It is hereby recorded that Sitters Co wishes to enter into an agreement with the candidate, in that Sitters Co will act as an agent to the candidate and will endeavour to find the candidate a suitable family, which will employ the candidate and where the candidate will be placed at, and to which family the candidate will tender her services and duties to.

The candidate’s duties will include (but are not limited to) caring for the family’s children and looking after the needs of such children.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all permanent, semi-permanent and temporary positions effected through Sitters Co and any variation in these terms will be binding on the agency only if in writing and signed by the agency.

All correspondence and records shall be confidential and remain the property of Sitters Co.

Applicants are not employed by Sitters Co either directly or indirectly and Sitters Co cannot be responsible to the client, the applicant or any other person for damage, loss, or expense incurred either directly or indirectly by reason of the negligence or shortcomings as a result of the introduction process.

Applicants are required to notify Sitters Co immediately on offer of engagement by a client who has been introduced by Sitters Co.

A R5000 penalty fee is due and payable should a client or any subsidiary of associated family or friend of the client engage or re-engage any of our candidates referred to them by Sitters Co within a period of (6) six calendar months from the date of introduction or termination.

Sitters Co cannot be held responsible for early termination by either party.

In accordance with Labour Relations the candidate is required to have a contract of Employment with the family.

Sitters Co reserves the right to change or add to these terms and conditions without prior notification; however, any changes will be posted on this website. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly for any changes. Continuing to use the site and our services after a change has been made signifies the candidate’s acceptance of the changes.

All parties: Sitters Co, the candidate (The prospective Au Pair/Nanny who will care for and look after a chosen family’s respective children) and the family (a family chosen by the agency which will require the services of a prospective candidate, and once the candidate is placed at such family, the family will employ the candidate, should the candidate be an acceptable candidate for the family.) hereby agree to the terms and conditions as set out hereunder, in this agreement:

– The candidate will carry out her childcare responsibilities for the benefit of the respective  family, which chooses to make use of her services, to the best of her ability. 
– The candidate will be punctual and be dedicated.
– The candidate agrees to abide by the regulations and rules as set by the respective family.
– The candidate agrees that if she is found to be in the possession and / or under the influence of any unlawful narcotics or under the influence and / or abuse of any alcohol whatsoever, during the course of rendering her services and or performing her responsibilities, she will be subjected to a summary dismissal, with immediate effect, and criminal charges may be brought against the candidate.
– As listed in the preceding application form attached hereto, the candidate certifies and agrees that all the information set out therein, is true, correct and accurate, and furthermore the candidate hereby states that she has never in the past been convicted of any criminal offence, whatsoever.
– The candidate furthermore indemnifies Sitters Co and its respective staff against any loss, harm, or damages that she may suffer as a result of her tendering her services within or with regards to the respective family and/or the respective candidate’s program. In the terms, Sitters Co cannot now nor ever be held liable by the candidate.
– The candidate agrees to congenially participate in the respective family’s activities, the cultural traditions, meals and social events of the family, and she will carry out her duties and responsibilities to the best of her abilities.
– The candidate will NEVER physically and or psychologically, hurt abuse or harm the family’s children in any way whatsoever. Should this occur, there will be immediate criminal charges brought against the candidate, together with any corresponding action for damages.
– The candidate will not smoke in the family’s home; nor will she smoke near to and / or in the presence of the children.
– The candidate undertakes to never pick up or provide transport to any hitchhikers while driving the family’s children from one destination to another.
– The candidate understands that Sitters Co has the discretion upon whether to accept the application or to reject it.
– The candidate agrees that Sitters Co and its respective staff will act on her behalf, in appointing her and / or placing her, and that Sitters Co will be nor can be held liable (in any manner whatsoever) by the candidate in respect of any loss, personal injury, damages, delays or expenses which may be suffered and / or incurred by the candidate as a result of any act or omission made by any member of the respective family. Furthermore, Sitters Co will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, should the candidate suffer any loss, harm, personal injury or damages, in providing her services and duties for / to the benefit of the family and/or the agency.
– The candidate agrees to reimburse the family for any harm, loss or damages caused to their household, property, motor vehicle and / or the family’s assets, as a result of the candidate’s negligent and / or intentional actions.
– The candidate will be liable for the aforementioned damages and / or losses, should they occur, and furthermore she will be liable for any personal telephone calls made from the family’s respective premises.
– The candidate will not allow any of her friends or relatives, at any time, into the family’s home, without prior arrangement and / or agreement, being reached, to do so, between the family and the candidate.
– While caring for the children the candidate agrees to behave in a good and proper manner, and to conduct herself in a manner that is acceptable to the family, and in so doing taking into account the family’s values and morals.
– The candidate may not commence working for any client until the agency confirms to the candidate that the client has paid the agency its due recruitment placement fee in full. 
– In the unlikely event that the candidate has been sent to work for the family and it transpired that they have not paid the placement fee due to Sitters Co for the candidate, the candidate, in that event, agrees to immediately cease rendering services to the respective family in order to allow Sitters Co to either recover the placement fee from the family or to find the candidate an alternate employment opportunity in the event that the family fails to tender payment.
– Should the candidate accept and commit to employment with a family, whether verbally or in writing, and subsequent thereto refuse to tender her services to the family, the candidate will, in that event, be liable to pay the placement fee that the family would have paid to Sitters Co.
– Cancellation of an interview which was previously accepted by a candidate and which is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will result in the candidate will being liable to pay a fine of R250 to the agency. 
– The candidate is prohibited, under this agreement, from providing her contact details to any client at any interview which has been facilitated by Sitters Co.
– All communication is to be done via the agency until the placement is finalized, namely once the candidate accepts the position and once the placement fee has been paid in full only then may contact details be exchanged.

The candidate confirms that she is to committed to working for the family for at least the three-month probation period with the exception of the working conditions of that family being intolerable such as abusive language, unfair treatment, late payment, unilateral changes to terms of employment etc.

After three-months’ probation, should the candidate feels that this is not the correct job or family for her she may tender her notice, which is to be at least two weeks to afford the family to find a new candidate.

Should the candidate resign prior to the termination of the three-month probation period i.e. to pursue a better job opportunity or for any other reason he/she will be liable to pay the placement fee that the client paid to the agency.

I hereby confirm that I will carry out my childcare and other responsibilities to the client to the best of my ability and in a conscientious and alert manner with respect, courtesy, safety, and commitment.

I hereby authorise Sitters Co to do background checks including but not limited to drivers licence, employment history, tertiary qualifications or any other checks relevant to the pre employment process as a candidate. A police clearance can be obtained on my behalf if not provided by myself.

I understand that any attempts to accept a position from any family introduced through Sitters Co without the knowledge of said Agency will result in immediate dismissal from the said family and that the said family must adhere to the family Terms and Conditions as originally accepted.

Candidates give us permission to use them on our website. Their photo and profiles will be displayed in a tactful manner.

Candidates must inform us immediately when they have found other employment (other than through Sitters Co). If the candidate fails to do so, the candidate will be liable for the families cost wanting to interview them.

This constitutes a full and binding contract between the Agency and the Au Pair.

By submitting the application form to Sitters Co the Au Pair accepts these terms and conditions, whether or not they sign the form and/or the conditions.

These terms and conditions are covered by South African Law and all disputes arising out of or in connection therewith shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the South African courts.


By submitting the registration/application form, the Au Pair/Nanny (candidate) accepts the agency‘s terms and conditions, regardless of whether this document has been signed in full.