Au pair

An Au Pair is responsible for providing childcare and companionship for the children in their care. In addition to playing with the children, an Au Pair may also be responsible for:


Transporting children to and from school, extra murals, doctor’s appointments, etc.


Assisting children with homework, speeches, projects, and exams.


Running basic errands and do small grocery shopping for the family.


Preparation of healthy meals and snacks for the children and/or parents if needed.

Play Dates

Arrange and supervise playdates.


Providing the children with nurturance, care and companionship.


Providing and engaging in intellectually stimulating activities with the children.


Babysitting after hours/weekends/holidays by prior arrangement.

Salary Guidelines

The hourly rate for an Au Pair ranges from R60 to R100, depending on qualifications and experience, as well as AA rates for fuel. This rate is also based on the number of hours worked per week.

The guidelines below offers a general overview of the starting salaries for au pairs. It is important to note that the actual salary offered should take into account your specific requirements, as well as the local cost of living. As the employer, you will be responsible for paying salary directly to your au pair.

0 - 20 hours per week

Rates starting at R80/hour.

  • 2 hours per day = from R3400 per month
  • 3 hours per day – from R5000 per month

21 - 31 hours per week

Rates starting at R75/hour.

  • 4 hours per day = from R6300 per month
  • 5 hours per day – from R7800 per month

31 hours or more

Rates starting at R60/hour.

  • 6 hours per day = from R7500 per month
  • 7+ hours per day – from R9000 per month

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